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Welcome to my childhood home!

In the summer of 1987 my parents, Jeffrey and Elizabeth Smith, began staking out the plans to build my childhood home. The following August of '88 construction began. After years of planning, designing and LOTS of hard work, the house was finally completed in March of 1990. I lived in this house until I was 10 years old. Being able to film my thesis in the house I grew up in is an experience I am endlessly grateful for. Redefining the space through my art was an incredibly healing experience for me.

Preparing the space for filming was a TON of work. We had to not only clean the space but set it up in a way that the dancers and crew would have room to set up without interfering with filming. More than one long, cold night was spent cleaning, organizing, and preparing!

Thanks to all of the planning and preparation, the day of filming went incredibly smoothly. Did you know this was filmed using only natural light? Prior to filming I spent time at the house plotting out how the natural light looked throughout the house during the day. The filming schedule was planned around this, making the house look as natural as possible for the film!

*Dancers and crew followed a COVID plan to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved*

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